If your child is planning a future trip to Malibu Club or is here right now, we want you to have the information you need to rest easy while he or she is away. There are many activities at camp in which your child may be participating. Whether they are challenged on the zip lines, playing in the waterfront or the gym, their safety is our top concern.

How can my child attend malibu?

For summer and weekend camps, all spots are given out to individual Young Life areas. Those areas fill their allocated spots with kids from their local town. If you are interested in attending Malibu Club or finding out how to send your child to Young Life camp, contact your local Young Life office. They might not be attending camp at Malibu Club, but they most likely have a trip planned to one of Young Life's other fabulous properties! To find the Young Life office nearest to you, go here: younglife.org/find

Note:​ Young Life Canada areas chose not to attend the Malibu Club. If you are from Canada, please contact your local YL Canada area for trips to RockRidge Canyon or other properties they have planned.

What to Bring:

  • Spending money for snack bar and store (major credit cards, US Cash, Canadian Cash) - or have a Malibu EGift Card​ pre-purchased online
  • Sweatshirt for cold evenings
  • Close-toed shoes for some activities
  • One nice outfit (think collared shirt or sundress)


  • Toiletries
  • Medications
  • Rain jacket
  • Camera (not a phone)


Young Life and Malibu Club maintain the highest level of safety and standards in operation of all of our activities at camp.

All of Malibu's challenge course elements are inspected annually by a registered Preferred Vendor Member of The Association of Challenge Course Technology. All elements are operated and supervised by our staff who have been fully trained and certified to do so, ensuring your child's comfort and safety.

Malibu's waterfront activities are also facilitated by trained and experienced staff. Your child will be in good hands while at Malibu Club.

In the event of an unexpected accident, there is always a qualified medical professional on call to tend to your child's needs.


We welcome kids of all abilities to our camps. At Malibu, all of our main buildings are accessible to strollers or wheelchairs, and we have a handful of cabins that are designed to be accessible (special housing needs may be requested by your child's trip leader).

Walkways around camp are paved. We will also do our best to help every guest participate in activities. We want every kid to have the best week of their life as they come to camp!


Young Life welcomes kids of all abilities to our camps. At Malibu Club, we have a handful of cabins that are designed to be accessible with ADA washrooms and flat entrances.

Pathways are fine crush gravel and boardwalk, extra support could be required. Requests for extra support and housing assignments may be made by the trip organizer. Please discuss your child's needs with your local Young Life staff involved in planning the trip so they can coordinate with camp staff.

Note that Malibu Club is in a very remote location with complex travel. Full medical facilities are a minimum of 3 hours away and included 2 transfers (camp to boat to ambulance or private vehicle). There are two medical professionals on-site during the summer Young Life program. For any special conditions (severe anaphylactic allergic reactions, diabetic monitoring, etc) that could require full medical attention in a more timely manner than 3 hours, please discuss with your local Young Life staff to ensure you are put in contact with camp staff.

There is no internet or cell service at the Malibu Club, so camper communications with family back home are not possible.

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