​Thank you for considering donating to Malibu Club. We have several options for you depending on how you would like to give, where you file your taxes and what you would like to give toward.

Malibu Club Donation​s Online

Malibu Club Donation​s by Check

Canadian Tax Receipts

Online donation processing is our main option as we do not have dependable mail service to our remote location in Canada and we have had donation cheques go missing in the mail. Please submit online donations.

U.S. Tax Receipts

To give by check and receive a U.S. tax receipt, please contact Young Life Income Processing at 719-381-1985 and they will be able to direct you on how to designate your check and where to send it.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Canadians Giving to Young Life (not Malibu Club)

To donate to Ministry Affiliates for donations bound for Young Life areas and operations outside of Canada and receive a Canadian tax receipt, please visit Ministry Affiliates. These donations are not for Malibu Club and they are not for Young Life of Canada. They are for Young Life the larger entity.

No Camper Left On The Dock Scholarship

As local areas raise money and make decisions regarding camping for the upcoming summer, the additional cost of the ferry and the Malibu Princess can be the barrier to coming and learning about the love of God at Malibu. We hope to remove that last barrier and allow more campers to come experience the beauty and excitement of camp at Malibu Club in order to allow God to reach their hearts and lives.

For every donation, we have a fund to match it and in turn allow more kids to come to camp without the cost of water transportation and in effect, double each gift. Any amount is welcome and appreciated! All donations will be receipt-able in the U.S. only.

Young Life staff, please contact the Malibu Committee​ for more information on how to apply for the scholarship.

Camp Development Principles

After construction is complete, Young Life camps are financially self-sufficient. All operational expenses, maintenance, administrative costs and funded depreciation are paid from camp revenue generated by the camper fee. Only major capital projects require fundraising after the initial purchase or construction. We only grow as thoughtful and generous gifts allow.

Young Life camps have a long-standing policy to first raise the funds and then to develop new projects, facilities and amenities. This is so the camp fee that summer and school season guests pay is minimized to reflect true operating costs. This practice also allows us to develop new projects to a standard of excellence.

If you are interested in further information or to make a contribution to the development of Malibu Club, please contact Ky Griffin​ at 253-405-1001. 

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