Governmental Regulations for Physicians Applying to Volunteer in Canada

We are often asked the question of what has to be done in order for a physician to come to Malibu.  Hopefully the information laid out here will be of some help.

The following points are requirements for Camp Physicians at Malibu.  These requirements are set both by Immigration Canada (for non-Canadian residents/citizens) and the BC College of Physicians & Surgeons (for obtaining a BC medical license). Sometimes, faced with the amount of paper work required, a non-BC physician would prefer to go to a Young Life camp elsewhere. We do not want you to be surprised by the amount of paperwork involved in coming to the Malibu Club. As one of our ’99 doctors reported “it is easier to get into the CIA or FBI”, and requirements have increased since then.

If we are unable to secure a Canadian physician to fill that role for a camp, then we can accept physicians from outside Canada. Each Physician who does not hold Canadian citizenship or residency must comply with the requirements of Immigration Canada as set out below.

Each Physician who does not hold a valid BC Medical License must comply with the requirements of the BC College of Physicians & Surgeons as set out below.

If after reading this information you would still like to come to the Malibu Club, please fill out the Camp Physician Application Form.

Once we have confirmed with you the date that you are available to come to Malibu and your background clearance is received, an acceptance package outlining all of the exact additional requirements will be emailed to you along with all the necessary links.

Our staff will walk-along side you to make sure you have the proper documents and the timing correct. Although you will need to complete many of the items online, you do not need to navigate this completely on your own. ​​​​

Canadian Immigration requires the following of all non-Canadian citizens/residents:

  1. A positive LMIA Opinion letter - we require a copy of your passport to begin processing.
  2. A Canadian Immigration Medical Examination must be completed and approved. Upon completion you are assigned a Medical File Number that the Border Crossings must have for your entrance.
    • The medical examination can cost upwards of $500 in the US. This is non-reimbursable. The doctor is expected to go to an examining doctor on the Canadian Immigrations’ Panel Physician’s list. A list for your State can be obtained from A special request may be made if you live more than 250 km from one of the Panel Physician’s o​n the list.
    • A camp doctor is required to obtain a work permit. We will forward the completed forms for you to take with you to the border. Some physicians have been charged a $155 work permit fee at the border, if this occurs you can request reimbursement from the camp office.
  3. Please note: Non-Canadian doctors who are returning to Malibu for the second time may be exempt from the medical exam if they were at Malibu within the last two years. A special request from Malibu is made and must be granted approval from Immigration Canada to have this portion waived every second year.

The BC College of Physicians & Surgeons requires the following from all physicians who do not have a valid BC medical license:

*Note: All doctors with a D.O. designation that have not been to Malibu before must be preapproved by the College before acceptance.

  1. Application for federal registration through the Medical Council of Canada (one time online application for non-Canadian physicians takes about 75 days -
    1. Account Creation Fee: $280 CAD
    2. Administration Fee (Document Verification and Transfer): $195 CAD
    3. Possible need to take a registration test if schooling is not from an accepted institution: ~$1000 CAD
  2. ​An application form for a BC License (required each year)
    1. Registration fee: $640 (required each year)
    2. Licensing fee: $150 (per month, each year)
    3. Criminal Records Search authorization (required every 5 years) and includes:
      1. Notarized copy of Driver's License
      2. Notarized copy of Passport
    4. Notarized c​opy of your Medical Diploma (first year only)​
    5. Documented proof of either; 
      1. ​US - the USA Medical Licensing Exams 
      2. Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada
    6. Family Physicians - photocopy of College of Family Physicians of Canada certification
    7. Three reference forms (valid for 90 days from completion), includes:
      1. ​A passport-type photo taken within 90 of application attached to each reference form
    8. An original Verification of Licensure/Certification of Good Standing/Professional Conduct from the jurisdiction you are presently practicing in (required each year and must dated within 60 days of your arrival in Canada)
    9. Curriculum Vitae (first year only)
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