Trip Management



See Registration Instructions page for exact deadlines for your camp week

  • R1 - Dec 1st
  • R2 - April 1st
  • Bus Info - April 1st
  • Border Info - 10 AM 14 days prior to arrival
  • 10-Day "Call-In" - 10 AM 10 days prior to arrival
  • Registration Packet - 10 AM 2 days prior to arrival (48 hours)
  • Check-In: Upon Arrival at Camp


Check List:

Do you have:

  • Completed Online Health Forms (or PDF version OCt 2018 or later on paper) for everyone including leaders?
  • A bin for holding electronics for the week?
  • Any Permission for Camper to Leave Camp Early (YL-1855) forms?
  • All of your leader info for the border?
  • All your leaders listed in the Staff/Volunteer Roster with a current CBC?
  • All your leaders completed the Leader Training on YL Access?



Here are some topics to help you with planning a trip to Malibu. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call camp.

We cannot stress enough to use the tools that Young Life has provided for areas. In particular, engaging with the online health form and YL Connect Camp will make managing your camp trip so much more stream-lined.

Camp Spots

  • Check CampRes for the most current reservation numbers and availability
  • To request an increase or to trade spots, contact Michelle at the camp office
  • R1 Contracts are due back December 1st at the very latest via DocuSign
  • R2 Contracts are due back April 1st at the very latest via DocuSign with final numbers that you will be financially accountable for


  • We recommend you use Camp Trip Manager, it will pull data for your trip for you.
  • Be aware of hidden costs if things go awry. In particular, be sure to leave enough time (1-2 hours) for crossing the border so that you don't miss your ferry reservation which will cause you to miss the Princess. This will lead to a possible huge financial loss for your area, and that would be sad.
  • Look into sharing buses with other areas. Do you have an empty bus coming to get you from camp? Check with the week after you and see who would like to share your bus. It could potentially cut your bus costs in half, or at very least take the edge off if it is only a partial share.

Early Commitment Incentive

Be sure to check out the information on Staff Resources about the early commitment incentive​. Distilled to the lowest denominators: get campers to fill out online Health Forms before March 1 and I will give you money, Hard to Fund areas have until April 1. There is even a really cool dashboard feature that you can see how your area is doing. We highly recommend you delve into the information to be really well informed of how to leverage this incentive to the maximum potential for your area.

Administration and Registration

Check out the Registration Instructions page for complete details on all forms due for registration and check-in. A brief synopsis is below.

Why are the forms important?

While it may seem time consuming, we have committed to ensuring that all paperwork dealing with campers is filled out and processed correctly. While seemingly mundane, this is a great opportunity for us as administrators, area directors, trip coordinators, and leaders to work to ensure the protection of the Young Life mission as a whole by making sure that all legal papers and processes (such as leader CBCs) are done and complete. Making sure that all legal forms concerning campers are filled out well will reduce the risk put towards Young Life Camping and Young Life as a whole.

Leader CBC, Faith & Conduct statement, and Camp Leader Orientation

Make sure that all your leaders are listed in the Staff/Volunteer Roster with a current CBC on file with Young Life.
All leaders going to any YL camp this summer are required to complete the Summer Camp Leader Orientation through YL Access training portal. Due to our remote location and limited communications infrastructure, it is imperative that ALL leaders from your area (even last minute additions) have it documented that they have completed it prior to arriving at Malibu. Full instructions are on Staff Resources.

Health Forms

Please note that if someone on your trip is injured and requires hospitalization or medical care off property within BC that we are not able to provide on-site with our licensed physicians team, the camper or leader will be required to pay for the services up front. The parents will then take the receipt for the medical services paid for and submit it to their insurance company for reimbursement. Amounts that are paid and not covered by personal insurance can then be submitted to Young Life's Service Center to see if some would be covered. No medical care in Canada is able to directly bill Insurance providers from another country. The US doesn't do it for Canadians. Canada doesn't do it for Americans. It's all even.

  • The Camping Health, Consent, and Release Form (YL6007) - Online Form
    • We prefer the online form for so very many reasons and on so many levels
    • You will need a paper copy for your travel days (we don't want it at camp). There is the option for a "Travel Short Form" when using the Online Health Form. See more information about travel days on Staff Resources.
    • Here are some helpful tips for giving support to those filling out the online form
      • Make sure they have your camp week dates and your area number
      • Have them complete everything as best as possible, if they aren't sure, skip it on the first pass and when you hit submit at the end it will give yellow warnings where there is missing required information
      • If a section is not relevant to the camper or leader, then leave it blank, do not have them put "None" or "n/a"
      • Instructions on to share with parents, leaders, and trip coordinators
      • Instructions on Staff Resources for trip coordinators and admins to manage (check that everyone is complete and has selected Malibu and the correct dates) and print (use the Travel Short Form for the travel copy) health forms for the camp trip
    • PDF'S - For any areas who have decided to use the PDF version on paper of the YL6007, you will need to make sure you have the most current version completed in order to not be required to turn in another form for the Consent to Medical Treatment in Canada. If you have any version that is not indicated at the bottom of the page as being from Oct 2018 or later, you will be required to submit a whole other form with original parental signatures for each person in your trip that does not have a current version of the YL6007.

Registration Packet

Includes the A-Form, Ethnicity, 2nd Timer, and the Housing Request sheets. Please read the instructions on the first tab of the document. You will need Excel.

To help you with figuring out Housing in the Registration Packet

Permission to Leave Early Forms


  • The Trip Leader who is the adult who will be responsible for your whole trip while they are travelling as well as while they are at camp will need to have a mobile phone that will be turned on the duration of the trip, including while travelling through Canada. It is of utmost importance that the phone number they have listed on the 10-Day Call-in have the ability to call out as well as receive calls while they are travelling in Canada until cell service disappears up the inlet.
  • Best border crossing - use the Pacific Hwy Border Crossing (From the States it is on Hwy 543 off I-5, from Canada it is on Hwy 15)
    • Peace Arch could be a zoo, don't go there, turn off US I-5 before you get there and go to the Pacific Truck crossing
    • Lynden (US539 or CAN13) and Sumas (US9 or CAN11) are small and will be much slower to process buses, if you are in vans then this could be an option to get away from traffic
  • Princess sailing times are subject to change based on number of buses and BC Ferry Reservations. You will be notified by the Malibu Office if any changes have been made.
  • If your group misses the Princess, you will be charged for all additional costs to transport you to camp.
  • Plan the departure from your area with enough time to arrive 30-60 minutes prior to your reservation with the BC Ferries Horseshoe Bay Terminal, please give plenty of margin:
    • ​Buses - the camp office will give you your reservations when they are secured from the BC Ferries.
    • Non-bus vehicles - you will make the reservations yourself for the sailing the camp office instructs you to be on.
  • Please allow yourself 1-2 hours at the border to clear Customs and Immigration. Again, allow for margin.


  • The length and maximum number of passengers of your buses is due with R2 on April 1st.
  • An empty bus run will not receive a reservation on the ferry from us, only charter buses with campers aboard will receive reservations.
  • Use BusRates​ to find a bus company.
  • We recommend using Journey Lines for your buses if you are flying into Seattle or from the Seattle/Tacoma area. Their drivers don't get lost and they are willing to work with our areas to minimize empty buses.
    • Web: They are listed on
    • Phone: 800-584-3527
  • For your trip home please ensure that your buses are at the Malibu Landing 45-60 minutes before your arrival in Egmont waiting for you. It will be a quick turn around to have you all make the ferry returning home


Parent Letter

The attached Malibu Fact Sheet.docxMalibu Fact Sheet.docx makes a great bases for a Newsletter to parents, as well as a Trip Meeting with campers and parents.
Please make sure parents are aware of the stipulations for payment of medical services rendered in BC in the event of an emergency that is more serious than we can tend to on-site. It is noted above in the Health Forms section.

2nd Timers / Repeaters

  • Please note all repeaters on your A-Form in the Registration Package
  • Do you have 2nd Timers staying back home while everyone else heads to camp? Here's a resource in Staff Resources called the Home Team Journal for 2nd Timers to spiritually engage while others are at camp.
  • Do you have 2nd Timers coming on the trip with you? Here's a resource in Staff Resources for 2nd Timer Training your 2nd timers to engage in their important role at camp.

Adult Guests

If you have an adult individual or couple that is wanting to come along to Malibu with your camp trip, there is a possibility that they might be good candidates for our Adult Guest program. Young Life's Adult Guest program is a great time to "buy in" adults from your area who are interested in Young Life but are not involved yet, or don't really know what Young Life is about.

From the Staff website: "The general purpose of the Adult Guest Program is to expose adults to Young Life who can have a significant impact in a local area or on the mission as a whole. As you consider who to invite to be an adult guest, focus on those who will significantly help the local area, such as leadership on the committee. Include those who can influence public opinion about Young Life, such as a school superintendent, principal, head coach or community leader."

  • The purpose of the Adult Guest program would not be intended for individuals who know and love the ministry and are looking for a way to come to camp. Encourage them to be leaders! The design of the program is to reach out to adults in the hope that they will feel called to partner with the ministry in some fashion.
  • You can find more information about the Program and how to apply by checking out the Young Life website.
  • There is also a great video giving a glimpse of a week as an Adult Guest.
  • Feel free to share the Malibu Club webpage on the Adult Guest program

Action Steps and Information for Registering

  • Sign in to  Staff Resources to view the Availability Report​.
  • On Staff Resources, read the AG Program Guide purpose and grab the Online Registration Form.
  • Send in registrations even if there isn't room listed on the Availability Report as we can put them on the waitlist in case someone drops unexpectedly.
  • One registration form per room.
  • One room at Malibu houses 1 married couple or 1 single person.
  • Adult Guest fees are collected from an Area's OPERATIONS account, not Campership. See the full AG Policy in Staff Resources.

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