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  • All medical volunteers must go through an initial background screening with Young Life prior to full acceptance.​
  • All physicians must hold a valid Medical Council of Canada license.
    • Any physicians who are not licensed in BC already must be aware they will need to apply for a BC locum license through physiciansapply.ca​. three months prior to arrival date.
  • All nurses or nurse practitioners must hold a valid BC license.
  • For medical volunteers who have never served at Malibu, we ask that someone who knows you personally and professionally fill out a recommendation form​.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, please contact us using the form below.


  • Physicians, nurse practitioners, or nurses interested in volunteering can fill out an online registration form

Travel to Malibu

The Malibu Club is accessible only by boat or float plane. There are two options for travelling to the Malibu Club:

  1. Fly at your own expense on a float plane.
  2. Drive to the Malibu Landing in Egmont, BC and board a Malibu organized vessel.

Medicine Man

The Medicine Man” is Malibu’s medical office.


Malibu is Young Life’s most remote property in terms of access to medical services. The camp is located at the junction of the Princess Louisa and Jervis Inlets, 30 miles by water to the nearest road. Because of its isolation, Malibu hosts one physician and one other medical professional (nurse, nurse practitioner, or second physician) each summer week to form a medical team to handle minor injuries, and to decide the course of action in the event of an emergency. In the school season. Malibu hosts one physician during shorter rental camps. Malibu maintains a stocked infirmary called the Medicine Man to serve the guests.

In addition to the service the medical professionals render, they and their family are encouraged to interact with the other adult guests in the Adult Guest Program. The Adult Guest Program is designed to give adults a closer look at the ministry of Young Life by allowing them to view and participate in the camping experience.

Role of the Medical Team

The medications, supplies, and equipment on hand reflect the epidemiological profile of Malibu and represent effective modern therapeutic intervention for the conditions most likely to be encountered at camp. The guiding principles in drug choice have been safety and conservative treatment. The Medicine Man has been equipped to handle the following needs below:

  1. The medical team will be asked to diagnose and treat minor conditions of an everyday nature (which constitute the bulk of Malibu’s medical needs) including small injuries, upper respiratory infections, etc. And slivers. Expect to remove plenty of wood slivers.
  2. The camp physician will be asked to diagnose and treat serious or life-threatening injuries that require stabilization prior to evacuation. A major injury may require evacuation to hospital. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, this may be by boat, floatplane, or Air Ambulance (helicopter). A decision to evacuate is made in consultation with the physician and the Camp Manager.
  3. The medical team will be asked to adequately document the medical record to reflect the care that has been given.

What to expect at camp

Regular clinic hours are held daily for 30 minutes after breakfast and dinner.

Because of the unpredictability of acute injuries and the 24-hour nature of the program, the medical team are asked to wear a radio and to be on call throughout the week. In the event of a major injury, we expect that the physician will work together with camp staff to develop a coordinated plan to ensure the patient’s safety.

Our closest neighbor is Beyond Malibu, another Young Life camp that focuses on mountaineering experiences. The medical team at the Malibu Club may be consulted with if a medical event arises at Beyond Malibu as they do not have the infrastructure for medical team members of their own.

All camp fees and transportation from Egmont to the Malibu Club are waived for the medical team and their family for the week. Dependent children (the summer they finished Grades 10-12) can attend camp as a camper for free. Non-dependent adult children, 19 and over, accompanying a medical team member will be charged for accommodation and transportation.

At the end of the time, we ask that all drugs and supplies are returned by the team to their labeled locations.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, please send us a message.



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