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​​Summer Camp Opportunities

Each week during the summer at Malibu Club, around 350 high school kids load up and head out for the best week of their lives. The services of one BC licensed physician and one other BC licensed medical professional (nurse, nurse practitioner, or second physician) has been incorporated into the weekly team at Malibu to add a safety factor and an additional degree of professionalism to the medical service provided to our guests, participants in the Beyond Malibu hiking program, and to yachters in distress. 

The volunteer medical team members and their family stay at camp during the week of service at no cost.

School Season Camp Opportunities

We are also in need of one BC licensed physician for camps during the school season months at the Malibu Club. These camps are shorter (usually over a weekend), quieter, family or adult groups, and more relaxing than summer camping. Contact the camp office if you are interested in this opportunity.

What will I do?

The week can be busy - more like a mission trip than a vacation! But we’ll do our best to get you relaxing with your family by the pool. Services of the medical team will be to

  • treat minor conditions as well as serious injuries if they occur.
  • work as a team in emergency situations with the camp personnel in deciding the course of action, including deciding which patients need to be transferred to the local medical facility by boat, floatplane, or Air Ambulance (helicopter).
  • adequately document the medical record to reflect the care that has been given.

At no time should any medical team member practice medicine that falls outside of their licensing and level of experience and training.

Continue reading for more details about the Volunteer Medical Program.

What about my family?

Your children, ages 18 and younger, and spouse are invited to share the time with you. Whether it’s enjoying meals together, swimming in the pool, or watching Young Life summer camp in action - you are sure to have a great time. Time and space permitting, your family will have an opportunity to experience the many activities around camp.

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