The Malibu Princess arrives at Malibu Club

There are no roads to the Malibu Club. Everyone arrives by boat or by seaplane.

By Boat

Most people arrive at the Malibu Club by boat. The boats leave from the Malibu Landing in Egmont. Guests will need to drive by personal vehicle or by charter bus to Egmont. You can use Google Maps (Google sometimes will say it is at 6692 Maple Road, the point on the Google map is correct but the actual street address is 6545 Maple Road).

  1. Drive to the Canadian Border (allow 1 to 2 hours to cross the border)
  2. Drive through the Lower Mainland to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal (1-2 hours depending on traffic)
  3. Take a BC Ferry to Langdale on the Sunshine Coast (40 minute crossing plus wait time for scheduled BC Ferry sailing)
  4. Drive from Langdale to the Malibu Landing at 6545 Maple Road in Egmont, BC (90 minutes). Free parking is available at the Malibu Landing in Egmont at your own risk.​
  5. Take a pre-arranged boat from the Malibu Landing to the Malibu Club.

Malibu Princess

Large groups (200 to 375 people) of Summer and School Season guests may sail with the Malibu Princess for the 30 mile trip from the Malibu Landing in Egmont to Malibu Club at the mouth of Princess Louisa Inlet. The trip on the Malibu Princess to camp takes about three hours.

Water Taxi

Water taxis are available to charter to shuttle you to Malibu Club from the Malibu Landing or other points on the Sunshine Coast. The journey from the Malibu Landing takes about one hour. Up to twelve guests with luggage can travel in a water taxi.

By Seaplane

If you need to fly to Malibu, there are two airlines you can contact for more information.

  • Kenmore Air flies from Seattle, WA (Lake Washington) to Malibu. They are by far the best option for those coming from the US. They have one scheduled flight per day starting early June through the end of August to the Malibu Club dock in the Princess Louisa Inlet. The remainder of the year, they have charter flights available.
  • Harbour Air flies to Malibu from Vancouver and from the Sunshine Coast. They have scheduled flights only in the afternoon from Vancouver to the Malibu Landing/Egmont​ area where you would need to connect with a boat option above (flights will not line up with same-day Princess sailing times, and rarely a same-day water taxi sailing). All flights with Harbour Air to Malibu Club dock in the Princess Louisa Inlet are charter flights.

Remember, if you are flying to and from Canada from the US, you will need a passport.

Malibu Landing

The Malibu Landing is located at:

6545 Maple Rd
Egmont, BC V0N 1N0

Malibu Yachts Dock
6545 Maple Rd
Egmont, BCV0N 1N0


Malibu Club

Malibu Club is located at the mouth of the Princess Louisa Inlet, about 30 miles from the Malibu Landing. Coordinates: 50.164647, -123.851355

Malibu Club
6545 Maple Rd
Egmont, BCV0N 1N0
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Malibu Club
6545 Maple Rd
Egmont, BC, V0N 1N0

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