The Plan

For years, fundraising for Malibu has been on a “project by project” basis. The past decade has seen several old buildings such as the Dining Hall brought up to current standards, and several critical new buildings (eg., Kanata Lodge, Haida, Tsawassen) constructed. Roughly one major capital project per year has been completed.

The “project by project” model has worked so far, but Malibu is at a point where numerous buildings are on the brink of decay, and a new club room is badly needed, all at the same time. We are told to approach the “throne of grace” and “pray boldly.” That is what we are doing.

If we are successful, many cost and logistical efficiencies will be realized by constructing all “Phase 3” capital projects at once. In addition to the benefits listed below for each project, having buildings that meet modern standards will extend the useful life and camping season at Malibu, which will in turn facilitate revenue-producing “usage” camps in spring and fall and help expand the reach of the Gospel to increasingly diverse groups who will be able to enjoy Malibu outside of the relatively short (3-month) summer camping season.

In addition to raising the funds for the new buildings, part of the campaign’s focus is to make it easier for Young Life areas to send kids to camp. To that end we have created a campership fund alongside the building fund. 10% of the money raised for these projects will provide camp scholarships for local Young Life areas. Join us as we embark on this exciting campaign!

If you are interested in further information or to make a contribution to the development of Malibu Club please contact Ky Griffin (253-405-1001) or participate in Online Giving.

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