Assigned Staff Building

Construction Completed January 2009

Each year Young Life staff, volunteers, and their families come to Malibu to serve kids by filling roles on the assignment team. Currently Malibu has eight housing units to accommodate up to 15 families. One of those buildings (Haida) has severe structural problems and it must be completely demolished. Every other unit needs significant remodel work and also occupies space needed in the future to expand and remodel the dorms where campers are housed. To meet these needs, we have built a new 7,600 square-foot assigned staff building.

This accommodates eight families and six single staff members serving in leadership roles at Malibu during each four-week assignment of the summer. It is situated on the first hole of the golf course and will provide these families, often with very young children, a safe, quiet and community-focused space on the property.

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