Spring Fellowship


Spring Fellowship Camp is an opportunity to both help and play at Malibu. The spring sessions are focused on getting camp ready for summer. Plenty of time is available for play or puttering around each afternoon.

In the evenings, we will enjoy relaxed times of fellowship. We will have an excellent speaker sharing in the mornings and throughout the week some evenings. Prepare to be encouraged in your spiritual walk.

And we will eat. Oh, will we eat....

The camp fee is determined by which camp you sign up for. The fee helps cover some of the expenses incurred by having guests come, such as boat fares, food, and guest supplies. If we did not charge for Spring Fellowship guests, then those expenses would roll into our Operating Budget which is paid for by our summer time campers. We know that those who come for the fellowship time love to help out the kids and don't want the kids in the summer to have to pay for others' trip to Malibu.

Some of the things we might take on are:
  • clearing winter debris
  • moving benches and garbage cans into their summer-time placement
  • washing windows
  • clearing cobwebs
  • replacing light bulbs
  • moving summer activities into place, like getting the paddleboards out of storage and putting them on the docks
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