Registration Instructions


  • R1 - Dec 1st
  • R2 - April 1st
  • Bus Info - April 1st
  • Border Info - 10 AM 14 Days prior to arrival
  • 10-Day "Call-In" including YL Access report - 10 AM 10 days prior to arrival
  • Registration Package - 10 AM 2 days prior to arrival (48 hours)
  • Check-In: Upon Arrival at Camp


Check List:

Do you have:

  • Current emails of those who need to know info for your trip on file with the Camp Office?
  • All of your leader information for the border?
  • Are all of your leaders listed on the Staff / Volunteer Roster with a current Criminal Background Check?
  • Have all your cabin leaders completed the Leader Training​
  • Any Permission to Leave Camp Early forms?
  • Online Health Form completed by everyone on your trip?
The following information is a full detail of what we will need for camp registration from your area. Do all of this and send updated documents with any changes prior to your group's arrival and check-in should be quick. It is our personal goal to have you checked in and out of the office in less than 5 minutes. We want you to be out with your campers, not stuck in the office with us until 11pm on night 1 (it happens more often than you think!).
Please have all Trip Leaders, Team Leaders, AD's, Admins, Trip Coordinators associated with your area read over this page so we can get the Trip Leader back to where they belong, enjoying Malibu with your kids!

Step One: Keep Contact Info Updated

  • Please make sure all people who should receive information about your trip are on the list of contacts with the camp office.
    • AD/Primary Contact (input in Mission Security)
    • Area Admin (input on your contract or email the camp office)
    • Trip Leader (person attending camp with the trip - input on your contract or email the camp office)
    • Trip Coordinator (not the Admin or AD who is planning the trip and not attending as the Trip Leader - send name to camp office)
  • Everyone listed as a trip contact must have Young Life screening completed and be listed in the YL Staff Directory.
  • Email addresses and phone numbers for the above contacts will pull from Staff Resources, so be sure everyone involved in the trip has their information current in the Young Life account on Staff Resources. We are not able to update that information for you. If you/they see their email or phone listed incorrectly, then they need to change that in Staff Resources themselves.
  • The contacts you send in for your area will receive, a few days before each item is due, email reminders to the email address listed in Staff Resources.

Step Two: Forms Due Prior to Arrival

R1 Contracts

  • Due by December 1st or the first weekday if the 1st falls on a weekend.
  • Areas are not financially responsible for the spots they claim at this point.
  • Please contact Michelle at if you have any questions.

R2 Contracts

  • Due by April 1st or the first weekday if the 1st falls on a weekend.
  • Areas are financially responsible to bring bodies for 90% of the spots they claim at this point.
  • Areas bringing below 90% will be charged an accountability fee of 1/3 the camp fee for the number of spots below that 90% line.
  • You can use the second page of the A-Form in the Registration Package to calculate if you will be facing an accountability charge.
  • Please contact Michelle at if you have any questions.

Leader / Chaperone Information

Canada Border Services

  • Due 10:00 am 14 days prior to arrival at camp at the very latest
  • Submit to the office
    • Legal First Name
    • Legal Middle Name(s)
    • Legal Last Name
    • Date of Birth including the year
    • Sex
  • Areas flying directly to Vancouver, at this point, do not need to submit

Young Life Screening

  • ALL leaders need to be listed on the Staff / Volunteer Roster with a current Criminal Background Check (CBC) on file.
  • No one should be coming to camp as a cabin leader without being listed as either a staff or a volunteer with Young Life.
  • The same time that you are gathering information for the border would be a good time to check to make sure that all CBCs are up to date and everyone is listed on the Young Life roster.

10-Day "Call-in"

  • Due 10:00 am PST 10 days prior to arrival at camp at the very latest
  • Submit the online form
  • You will be asked for the following information, please have it handy when filling out the 10-Day Call-in form
    • Trip Leader contact info (the person in charge who is actually on the bus)
    • Break down of male/female numbers of campers and leaders
    • Any special needs for campers or leaders (physical, dietary, emotional, cognitive)
    • Any life threatening allergies for campers or leaders
    • Information on any campers or leaders arriving late or departing early
    • Other physical / health / safety limitations or concerns we should be aware of in your group

Registration Package

  • Due 10:00 am PST 2 days prior to arrival at camp at the very latest
  • Download the Registration Package
  • The Registration Package includes
    • A-Form
    • Ethnicity Report
    • 2nd Timer Report (includes those who have attended a summer Freshman Camp previously per 2nd Timer Policy​)
    • Housing Requests
  • Submit by email to
  • To fill it out you will need Microsoft Excel, it is available through Young Life
  • Follow the directions on the first tab of the document to capture the following data:
    • Names of all campers and indicate if they are Repeat Campers (2nd Timers, 3rd Timers)
    • Names of all leaders and indicate if they are Volunteer or Staff
    • Indicate if leaders have completed their cabin leader training in this current year
    • Housing breakdown with Campers and Leaders - be sure not to forget anyone
    • Number of Staff Dependent Scholarships requested, names of staff dependent campers, and names of staff
    • Number of Urban Camp Scholarships applied for
    • Ethnicity breakdown of campers and leaders
    • Number of Capernaum campers (this is any camper who would benefit from the Capernaum Ministry even if they are not currently part of a Capernaum group)

Step Three: Forms Due at Check-In

We know that you just got off of a very long boat ride, and before that a very long bus ride. Coming into the office to do paperwork doesn't sound ideal. But here's the thing: We like you, dear friends, and as Young Life leaders you are right up there with Superman and Captain America in our books. So we promise to greet you with smiling faces and a pitcher of ice cold water. And chocolate. Always chocolate. Then send you on your way. It is our personal goal to have you checked in and out of the office in less than 5 minutes. We want you to be out with your campers, not stuck in the office with us until 11pm on night 1 (Yuck!).
Please, please, have the Trip Leader who is attending camp with the campers read over this page so we can get them back to where they belong, enjoying Malibu with your kids!
  • The Trip Leader will need to head to the Malibu Office on Main Street at Camp as soon as they get off the boat. The Admin Team will ask the following questions
    • Do you want some water?
    • Do you want a chocolate or candy?
    • Any changes to the Registration Packet data that have occured in the past 48 hours?
    • Any adds or drops in Campers or Leaders?
    • We will ask for any missing data that was not on the Registration Packet (all the info above such as ethnicity, repeat campers, or Capernaum)
    • Do you have anyone leaving early?
  • While this is going on, we will be checking over any paper Health Forms to ensure they are all filled out to completion and are the most current version.
  • Go eat some ice cream!
  • If there are any forms missing, not a current version, or incomplete and the Trip Leader has already left, they will be called back in during the first Leader Meeting or we'll find them at dinner.

Health and Consent Forms

  • Due at Check-In upon arrival at camp
  • Each person at Malibu must have a completed and current version of:
    1. The Camping Health, Consent, and Release Form (YL6007) - Online Form
  • Each person coming to Malibu needs to complete this form.
  • Are you a legal adult or leader? Still need a form.
  • Already been to Malibu once this calendar year? Still needs to complete a form for the new camp trip. Using the Online Form makes this process super quick as you can copy your form and adjust it for the new camp dates.
  • If you do go with the PDF option for the YL6007
    • The PDF ​MUST be the most current version of the YL6007 - it will be noted on the bottom of the form as being Oct 2018 or later.​
    • Ensure everyone has everything signed. All the places on the back page must be signed.
    • TIPPut your paper health forms (any not done online, if they're online then we don't want them on paper) in a binder or folder alphabetized by last name, with a separate section for your leaders. This will help us whip through making sure that they are all complete.
  • Instructions on to share with parents, leaders, and trip coordinators
  • Instructions on Staff Resources for trip coordinators and admins to manage (check that everyone is complete and has selected Malibu and the correct dates) and print (use the Travel Short Form for the travel copy) health forms for the camp trip
  • Common Mistakes for you to learn from others:
    • The number one mistake people make is not realizing that leaders also need forms.
    • Mistakes number two and three are only with the PDF version of the YL6007 - to stay away from these, use the Online Form.
      • The number two mistake people make is not using the most current version of the PDF YL6007. It should be indicated as Oct 2018 or later. If you use one with a date pre-Oct 2018 indicated, you will be required to have the old Consent for Treatment in Canada completed in original by the parents and turned in at check-in on Day 1 on paper, with original signatures.
      • The number three mistake people make is incomplete forms - not having all the parental signatures in all the places, and not having information like insurance (even if that means intentionally ticking off the "not insured" box versus leaving it blank).
    • Please don't let any of these previous mistakes be what keeps you from being out with your kids! You want to be out eating ice cream with them, not spending time in the office calling through all the parents to explain what they need to do before bed-time, and why your trip didn't have those organized prior to departure from home. Let's save face! Let's eat ice cream! Let's have everything taken care of before your bus leaves home! Go Team!
Using the Online Health Form application on the Young Life website will make your life so much easier. Scouts honour. If you feel that you may have families who struggle technologically, suggestion: have a Health Form party where you have leaders (with a bit of knowledge on how to fill out the form) with a handful of laptops. One, you have both campers and leaders filling out the forms, and two, you have more interaction between Parents and Leaders. Win/Win.)

Permission for Camper to Leave Camp Early forms

  • Due at Check-In upon arrival at camp
  • If you have any campers who are leaving Malibu in a fashion different than the rest of the trip, you will need to have the 1853 Permission for Camper to Leave Camp Early form filled out, signed by a legal guardian.
  • This applies to anyone flying out of camp, even at the same time as the rest of camp.
  • Please see Staff Resources​ for full instructions.
  • If you have a questions or think that this might apply to one of your campers, please contact the Admin Office at

POST-Trip Information

  • ​Due within a day of departure, or earlier, is the Trip Leader Observation on the Camp Week Report. Previously we had been allowed to do it on paper to be handed in at camp on Day 6 at lunch. Young Life has now gone to all forms being due online only.
  • Take note of the Lost and Found form on the main page of the Malibu website. Direct your leaders, campers, parents to that main page to report any Lost and Found items discovere after the trip home.

This is tedious...Why are these forms so important?

While it may seem time consuming, we have committed to ensuring that all legal paperwork dealing with campers and leaders is filled out and processed correctly. While seemingly mundane, this is the biggest defense to ensure the protection of the Young Life mission as a whole by making sure that all legal papers and processes (such as leader CBCs) are done and complete. Let's protect our Mission by giving all processes due diligence and attention.

Wait - What is due when?

Please note that everything is due by 10 am, Pacific Time. Weekends or holidays are no exceptions, except for R2 Contracts. Please call the Malibu Office if you have questions.

Deadlines for 2019

​​Week R2 Contracts Border Info 10-Day Call In Registration Package Trip Leader Report​

Week 1 April 1st (or first weekday) May 23 May 27 Jun 04 ​Jun 14
Week 2 April 1st (or first weekday) May 29 Jun 02 Jun 10 ​Jun 20
Week 3 April 1st (or first weekday) Jun 04 Jun 08 Jun 16 ​Jun 26
Week 4 April 1st (or first weekday) Jun 10 Jun 14 Jun 22 ​Jul 02
Week 5 April 1st (or first weekday) Jun 17 Jun 21 Jun 29 ​Jul 09
Week 6 April 1st (or first weekday) Jun 23 Jun 27 Jul 05 ​Jul 15
Week 7 April 1st (or first weekday) Jun 29 Jul 03 Jul 11 ​Jul 21
Week 8 April 1st (or first weekday) Jul 06 Jul 10 Jul 18 ​Jul 28
Week 9 April 1st (or first weekday) Jul 12 Jul 16 Jul 24 ​Aug 03
Week 10 April 1st (or first weekday) Jul 18 Jul 22 Jul 30 ​Aug 09
Week 11 April 1st (or first weekday)​ Jul 24 Jul 28 Aug 05 ​Aug 15
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