No Camper Left On The Dock Scholarship

As areas raise money and make decisions regarding camping for the upcoming summer, the additional cost of the ferry and the Malibu Princess can be the barrier to coming and learning about the love of God at Malibu.

We hope to remove that last barrier and allow more campers to come experience the beauty and excitement of camp at Malibu club in order to allow God to reach their hearts and lives.
Each year, Young Life staff and friends commit to raising and giving funds to assist the needs of Young Life kids through our new Scholarship Fund. 
The primary goal of this fund is to provide scholarships to the equivalent of their water transportation costs.
For every donation, we have a fund to match this and in turn allow more kids to come to camp without the cost of water transportation and in effect, double each gift. Any amount is welcome and appreciated! All donations will be receiptable in the US only.
We will also be seeking prayer warriors along with gifts so these kids capture our hearts and help give these donations impact as we bring each specific camper guest to God while they are at camp. 
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