Life At Malibu

​​Here are some topics that might assist you in life at Malibu during your camp week.

Communication Infrastructure


There is no available wifi for guests, leaders or campers. If a leader needs to contact the outside world for highly imperative reasons, they can use the phone in the camp office during regular office hours (see below for more information) 

Malibu is one of the few places left in the world where you disconnect from technology. We encourage everyone to embrace it alongside the campers. It is awesome!​


There is no cell phone service or pay phones in the area. All campers, guests, and leaders will need to take care of all out standing business at home before they arrive at camp. If there are imperative or emergency events that come up while at camp, then leaders can use the satellite phone in the camp office during regular office hours. All calls are limited to 5 minutes maximum. It is 50 cents a minute and is payable by either Internal Area Transfer, cash, or credit card. Campers will not be allowed to use the phone without Head Leader approval and a leader present with them during the emergency phone call.


There is nothing better than getting a letter from home while you are away at camp! We love being able to get notes and care packages to leaders and campers while they are here for the week. Due to our remote location, it takes a very long time (and we mean VERY) for letters and especially packages to arrive here at Malibu. In order for a piece of mail to get here in time, we recommend parents/friends send it 4-6 weeks in advanced, as it will need to clear customs and make its way up the inlet. We will hold mail here for campers that have yet to arrive and prefer to hold them before their arrival than to received it after they have left camp.

If a parent is sending a care package, have them write "Gift" and give a very low value on any customs documentation. If there are duties charged on the item, the camper may have to pay the fees on their package before it can be picked up from the post office, and thus the recipient may leave the country before they receive their gift. We cannot pay duty or brokerage fees for packages received, if fees are applied at the border and charged to us we will expect payment from the parents or from your area. This can be very expensive.

Address Mail in the following format:

Camper's Name
Camper - (Dates they are at camp)
Malibu Club
6545 Maple Road
Egmont, BC V0N 1N0

If mail is sent the day your trip leaves, or while you are at camp, recipients will not receive the mail, and it will be returned to the sender at their cost.


Payment Types

All retail areas accept both US and Canadian currency​ and cheques. The store accepts Visa and Mastercard. The concession shops (snack bar and coffee) and the craft shop accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Many US debit cards will flip to credit when you cross the border, and if credit has been disabled on the card, then it will decline at time of purchase. Have campers and leaders check the settings on their credit cards prior to departing home.

We do not have an ATM at camp so if someone wants to use cash, they must bring it with them.

Area Tabs

We would love to help you set up Area Tabs in the Totem Inn (snack shop) and Hamilton's (coffee) so your leaders can enjoy one-on-ones. It is much easier for each area to set up an Internal Transfer then you can designate a specific limit for each concession area and not have to worry about working out the refund on Day 6, as we will only charge you for the amount that you spend (eg. if your tab was made for $100, but you only use $60, then we'll only charge the $60). Tabs set up in the stores with cash or credit card won't get refunded, only the Internal Transfer Area Tabs will be refunded at the end of the week. Please head into the office to check in with our Admin team about setting those up. All Internal Transfer amounts will be set up in Canadian Dollars.


The Medicine Man is covered by at least one BC licensed physician, and either a second BC licensed physician, or nurse or paramedic. They are available for general health ailments that come up through the camp week during clinic hours that are for half an hour after breakfast and half an hour after dinner. For emergency situations, they will be contacted by property staff.


In the event of an emergency situation where a guest requires further medical care than what we can provide on-site, they will be transported to the hospital. The BC health care system is not able to direct bill American insurance companies, so payment for all medical services is due upon services rendered. When the patient returns home, they can submit the receipt to their health insurance company for reimbursement.


Due to the remote location of camp, and the complexity of transport, we take life-threatening allergies very seriously. We check health forms and 10-Day Call-in reports for indications of serious allergies and we will follow up with the area staff so the medical team can determine if the person should attend such a remote location. In the best of circumstances, it is a minimum of 3 hours to the closest medical facility.

Lock Up Items

We have combination locks to be checked out from the office to lock items in a drawer in the Men's Cabins, and there are small safes in the Women's cabins. Please visit the office on Main Street if you have questions/problems.


Trip leaders collect all electronics from their campers. We do not have the space nor capacity to keep them in the camp office. We encourage you to grab a bin or a bag with the ability to be locked to store them yourself in your rooms, perhaps under a bunk or in the lockable drawers/room safes mentioned above.


We understand that in some states medications, even over the counter, are required to be documented and locked up. That is not the case here.​ If they self-medicate at home, then they self-medicate here. If you have a student with medications that should not be out in the open, there are the above lock up methods in the cabins, or a leader can discuss with the camp doctor about lock up in the Medicine Man to be accessed only during clinic hours.

What to pack

Malibu Club provides all bedding for your stay (sheets, towels, pillows, and blankets).

Make sure to bring...

  • Clothes that you can get dirty
  • Warmer clothes for the evening
  • Closed-toed shoes for some of the activities
  • At least one pair of long pants for some of the activities
  • One nice outfit
  • Toiletries
  • Bathing suit and towel for the pool
  • Rain jacket
  • Sunscreen
  • Spending money
  • Camera
  • Medicine


Malibu Club has a very mild climate. Expect temperatures in the 30s F during winter, 50s F during spring and fall and 70s-90s F in the summer. Evenings can be cold and rain is always a possibility. This is the "Pacific Northwest" (to use American terminology), so layers and a rain jacket are always a good idea.

Lost & Found

All found items, including valuables, are gathered to the Linen Nook that is located under the Sitka dorm near Crossroads. If an items is missing throughout the camp week, they can check with the Nook to see if it has been found. If they discover something is missing, or it hasn't been located, by the time they return home, direct them to the main page of the Malibu website and half way down is an icon for Lost & Found. They can report the missing items there and someone from the department will be in contact with them to arrange shipment if the item is found. 

Contact Us

Malibu Club
6545 Maple Rd
Egmont, BC, V0N 1N0

CALL US: (778) 331-7944

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