Nootka Renovation


Female Camper Housing

Nootka is ready for an Extreme Makeover, and with your help we can rebuild this great building with it’s stunning views better than it has ever been. Rebuilding Nootka is THE top priority of this campaign.

Cabins are more than a place to sleep at night. Each night after Club, campers and leaders convene for “Cabin Time,” where they discuss the Gospel message they just heard. Kids ask questions and share their thoughts, often including intimate personal experiences. The interior of the cabins will be designed to facilitate these discussions – bunks will be lined against the wall to create open floor space. Cabin times are crucial in helping kids process the Gospel message, and it also gives them a taste of Christian community, as they live and learn about God together.

Nootka Renovation                                           $1,935,000
Campership Fund                                                $193,000
                                                                Total: $2,128,500



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Ky Griffin
Director of Advancement

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