New Club Room and Leaders’ Lounge


Big Squawka has been the center of the proclamation since 1954. The building itself dates back to the early 1940's! Many renovations have been made over the years to make the most of this space. However, it is maxed out, structurally unsuitable for large crowds, and needs to be replaced.

An amphitheater-style club room, built to current Young Life standards, will facilitate worship and Club Time with "room to breathe" and more comfortable seating so that students can focus on the message and not their sore backsides. This new club room will capture Malibu’s greatest physical asset - the view up the Princes Louisa Inlet - and will capture the wonder of God that has been changing hearts since 1954.


New Club Room and Leaders' Lounge              $2,400,000
Campership Fund                                                 $240,000
                                                                Total: $2,640,000

 Current Club Room Big Squawka

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