Big and Little Squawka Renovation


Transformation to Game Room, Office, and Lounge

The New Club Room will free up space to significantly upgrade the game room. Big Squawka will become the new Game Room, increasing its size from 1,900 to 3,000 SF, making it more accessible to campers and easier for leaders to monitor given its highly visible location in camp.

Little Squawka will become a much-needed leader lounge and will double as a lounge/chapel for prayer gatherings, etc.

The current lower level game room will become office space for interns and assignment teams, who are currently crowded into tiny offices right on Main Street which cannot even be accessed during club times.


Big and Little Squawka Renovation                      $500,000
Campership Fund                                                   $50,000
                                                                   Total: $550,000 

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