Due with R2 April 1st:

  • Number of buses
  • Length of each bus
  • Maximum number of passengers

This will allow us to finalize the reservations for buses on the BC Ferries when they are full of campers


Check List:

Bring with you to the BC Ferries, 30-60 minutes before departure time:

  • Form of Payment
  • Reservation Number
  • Number of Passengers

We often hear people say that a large part of the over all experience of Malibu is the journey it takes to get there. When you make a trip to Malibu, you will be taking two different boats. The first is a BC Ferry. The second is a Young Life boat from the Malibu Landing (located in Egmont, BC) directly to a dock at camp. For most campers (and some leaders!) this will be an adventure of a life time. We've broken down the travel by boat into two different sections below.

Important things to note:

  • If your group misses the prearranged boat that we send you the information for (Princess or Water Taxis), you will be charged for all additional costs to transport you to camp.
  • On Day 1 plan the departure from your area with enough time to arrive at the BC Ferries Horseshoe Bay Terminal 30-60 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation time unless instructed otherwise. You will receive the scheduled reservation time for your buses around April or May as that is when the BC Ferries will let us know what they are giving us.
  • Please allow yourself 1-2 hours at the border to clear Customs and Immigration to make it to the ferry on time.
  • For your trip out please ensure that your buses are at the Malibu Landing 45-60 minutes before your arrival in Egmont waiting for you​.
  • We highly recommend sharing buses with other areas coming the week before you or after you to decrease the amount of empty buses on the ferries and in the parking lot at the Landing.

BC Ferries


  • You will use the Sunshine Coast Route - Horseshoe Bay to Langdale.


  • Please note that travelers are only charged one direction for the full trip.
  • When you pay on the Vancouver side for the ferry, it includes the full round trip.​
  • It is up to you or your bus company to cover the bus and driver cost. That's between you and your bus company.
  • It is up to you to cover passenger cost associated with BC Ferries.
  • We suggest that you check out information on the Experience Cards to save your group money for passenger fees. Note that there is a surcharge on top of the fee, so be sure to include that in your calculations. You can find more on their website:


  • Malibu only secures the Ferry Reservations for charter buses when they are have campers aboard. We don't make reservations for any deadhead buses (buses travelling empty). Do not make reservations for your buses when they have campers aboard, only for empty buses.
  • Due with your R2 from each area: the number of buses, their length, and the maximum number of passengers submitted to the Malibu Office.
  • If your area is taking additional vehicles or is not taking charter buses, you will need to make the reservations yourself for personal cars or vans. You can make reservations online at
  • For your charter buses that you have told us about, we will send you:
    • A booking number for each bus (this is specific to one bus including length and maximum number of passengers, it is not transferrable to another bus)
    • The time of your ferry reservation

At the Ticket Booth

  • You will need
    • your Booking Number
    • a payment method (Experience Cards are highly recommended because they will save you money)


  • Please have the trip leader check in at the Chief Steward's office on the passenger deck. Let them know which group you are with and who they can page if they are in need of assistance with your group members.
  • Please ask your campers (and leaders) not to be orangutans on the ferry. We want to be good stewards of the relationship between Malibu and the BC Ferry crew.
  • Please have your leaders listen for the docking announcement and have all your campers and leaders down to the buses / vehicles right away so no one is straggling in the washrooms during off-loading.

Young Life Boats

  • There are two different boats that will bring campers and leaders to Malibu Club. See below for descriptions.
  • You will receive all information about boat schedules and what boat you are taking from the Malibu Admin Office around the 10-Day Call-in.
  • Either means of transportation give campers a front row view to some of the most amazing scenery B.C. has to offer!
  • All passengers of any boat arranged by camp will be charged Boat Fare
  • Anyone departing early must have a Permission to Leave Early form submitted to the office at check-in on Day 1.
  • If you have someone arriving or departing camp on some other mode of transportation, you must inform the camp office at least at 10-Day Call-in. You will be charged for the Boat Fare regardless of whether the person flew or not.

MV Malibu Princess

  • The Malibu Princess is Young Life's very own passenger vessel.
  • It can carry 375 campers and leaders for the 3 hour voyage from the Malibu Landing to the Malibu Club, traveling along the Jervis Inlet.
  • If you miss the Princess, you will be charged for each Water Taxi we will arrange for you to get your area to camp, plus you will be charged for the Boat Fare for Malibu Yachts. Water Taxis are around $450 to $480 per boat, each boat holds a maximum of 12 people.
  • Please plan accordingly for time at the border so you don't miss the ferry, so you don't miss the Princess because missing the Princess is sad, and we don't want you to be sad.

Water Taxis

  • If the number of camp guests exceeds the capacity of the Princess, some areas may be required to take camp-arranged Water Taxis, also departing from the Malibu Landing.
  • This is not a choice.
  • There is no difference in price for the Boat Fare.
  • It is neither a punishment nor a privilege and it will be determined logically by camp trip numbers.
  • Water Taxis might leave at a different time from the Princess depending an a variety of factors.

2019 Malibu Princess Schedule - FINAL​

Wk Dates Depart Egmont Day 1 Arrive Egmont Day 7
1 Jun 6-12
12:45 pm 7:30 pm
2 Jun 12-18 12:45 pm 7:30 pm
3 Jun 18-24 12:45 pm 7:30 pm
4 Jun 24-30 12:45 pm 4:00 pm
5 Jul 1-7 12:45 pm 5:00 pm
6 Jul 7-13 10:30 am 5:00 pm
7 Jul 13-19 10:30 am 4:00 pm
8 Jul 20-26 12:45 pm 7:30 pm
9 Jul 26-Aug 1 12:45 pm 7:30 pm
10 Aug 1-7 12:45 pm 1:00 pm​
11 Aug 7-13 2:00 pm 4:00 pm
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